Our project

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Many of the world’s children live under disgraceful conditions.  According to the U.N. children’s convention all children are entitled to the most basic things, such as food. Clothes, schooling and care.

Our aim is to contribute to giving poor and orphaned children at Mbita in Kenya the opportunity of education. This we do by giving them food, care and teaching at the Oasis of Hope school every day.

The school has about 250 pupils from babyclass up to form 6. The school has thirteen teachers, a care taker and two cooks, who all make a tremendous effort in order to give the pupils and good and safe school day. In spite of minimal wages they work hard every day in order to provide the pupils with food and teaching. Many of the children look at the school as their home, and also spend a great part of the weekends at the school. Here they meet other children to play with and there is always one or more teachers present.

Food for learning

No one can learn when the stomach is empty. Our school is offering two meals for the children every day.

Our supporters

In addition to regular donors we also have other sponsors.

Vettre primary school and Hovedgården junior secondary school has appointed the Oasis of Hope their sponsor school and contributes with considerable amount each year.

Oasis of Hope is the developing project of the Heggedal congregation, and we receive donations from them.

Supporting organisations

Where we are

Our school is located at Mbita in western Kenya. Mbita is a small town by Lake Victoria.

Many people live from fishing and local trade. The place has still a lot of poverty. Many children are orphans due to HIV/Aids. This area is one of the most congested HIV/Aids areas in Kenya. Many children are leaving school in their search for food or work. Some of these children ends up in the streets with no hope for the future.

Our new school.

In January 2023 we finally managed to open our new building for our pupils.

After three years of construction work we are happy to reopen our school.

With still some remaining work, we can welcome our pupils back to their own school.

We are also grateful for a donation we received from Y's Men*s Club International through their Time Of Fast program.This amount was covering doors and windows in our new building. We 

thank Y's Men's Club and YMCA in Kenya for good cooperation. The donation helped us a major step forward.

Moss Rotary has, in cooperation with Rotary International, supported us with a considerable amount earmarked for school books and desks. We are grateful for this support.