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OoH News January-February 2021


We commence a new year with expectation and gratitude.  We had several  Facebook campaigns in December: two in connection with birthdays and two directly to OoH..  In addition we sold Christmas cards also this year.  The result was amazing NOK 28,150.-.


Østenstad Sangeri arranged an outdoor concert before Christmas and the offering, NOK 5,425,- was also this time given to OoH. In addition the fact that several of our regular donors contributed with extra Christmas gifts to us and we received an offering from Heggedal congregation made December a profitable month for us.

We also got a double page in the January issue of Heggedalsposten and we are grateful for the marketing effect of this.

We have previously written that the casting of the horizontal division of the school building was completed in December. In addition they received means enabling them to continue erection of the first floor walls, and these works were also completed before the new year.  Thus the roof is the only remaining piece of work and we are both grateful for and pleased with the job carried out by the workers.

Monday 4th January was a big day at our school. The school was then reopened after Corona lockdown for nine and a half months. Both teachers and pupils showed up and the meeting with the school was a happy one. The class rooms at the building’s ground floor have been put to use, which is greatly appreciated by both pupils and teachers. The rooms have neither doors nor windows yet, but who cares as long as there are desks and blackboards. Due to social distancing we did not have sufficient number of desks for all before school start. The board then contacted a local joiner who made new desks using surplus material from the building of the school. Solution minded, practical and to our great satisfaction!

In February school days have been running normally, and we receive information about satisfied pupils. The teachers find it somewhat difficult to follow the social distancing order. The area is also very dry at present and the water tanks are empty. Water from Lake Victoria is delivered to the school, but this is expensive.  The rainy season is approaching and we hope that this will give us full tanks again.